Different Types of Houses around the World

Different Types of Houses around the World: Part - 1


House is one of the most common builds of mankind for centuries to fulfill the basic need of shelter, resting place, sleep, and keeping privacy. We have seen many different types of houses all around the world which are different in size, shape, and design. Environmental factors play a bigger role here often. Here in this reading, we are going to familiarize ourselves with different types of houses exiting in this varied world. 

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Detached House


This is the house for one single-family and one of the most common house styles in the world. Generally, one single-family live here and there is no space for rental here. This type of house is completely separate from other neighboring houses. In this day's detached house is one of the popular house types in North America. 



Semi-detached House


This type of house shows the characteristics of a detached house in most of the functions except they share a common wall for two separate houses. Generally, these types of houses are built in mutual understanding with siblings, relatives, or neighbors. Though this type of house is not as popular as the detached house. Unlike the detached house, this type of house doesn’t have any rental option.




Duplex House


When a house is built for a single-family living combining two floors with the internal traffic system then this type of house is known as the Duplex House. Generally, this type of house uses expensive materials for building, exterior, and interior, and in most cases, people of excessive money can afford these houses. One of the common characteristics of duplex houses in the sections according to the area. This type of house is divided into different sections on different floors.



Triplex House


Unlike the duplex house, this house holds the characteristics of a single living family with three floors. This type of house has more space than the duplex house because of the extra one-floor space. Everything else is almost the same as the duplex house. Together duplex and triplex house shares a common term for themselves which is Condominium Building.



Apartment House


One of the most common house types in the world especially in urban areas. There are so many people in the urban areas now for their living and it is difficult to accommodate the people in the limited land area. Regarding this factor, apartment houses gain their place of popularity to accommodate more people in less land area with all modern-day facilities. In most cases, these types of houses can be 12-15 storey buildings although this depends on the area wise regulations of building authorities of the cities or urban areas.


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Md Asaduzzaman Russel

AIDT & Civil Technology

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


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