Skills or Education, which one is More Important?

Nafis has completed his graduation four months back. He was a student of Business Administration. He has done a brilliant result in his graduation. Now he is looking for a job, but still he did not get any. On the other hand, Samia is his best friend and his class-mate. They completed graduation together. Her result was not that excellent as Nafis. But, Samia joined a company 2 month back. Now thing is, 2 persons graduated from the same department, the person with brilliant result, did not get any job, but the person with lower result got appointed. What can be thing behind this? Let’s try to find out.


Nafis has always been very serious to his studies and he always got connected to his studies and did not think of anything else. On the other hand, Samia was also serious to her studies, but besides her regular studies, she was connected to different extra and co-curricular activities. She was the member of almost all the clubs available in the university. From the beginning of her intermediate studies, she got connected to these type of studies and starting her graduation program, she joined all the clubs and she was a regular member of the clubs. Besides the club activities, she was also a regular participants in all type of competitions. When she invited Nafis, he always replied that these things will interrupt his studies.





Samia gradually became a big part of the clubs and she was nominated as the president of several clubs, where she led the clubs from the front. While she was connected to the clubs, she had to get herself involved in different type of works, like preparing posters, printing the posters, communication with different types of people, inviting guests, email communication, convincing people, taking care of different type of situations and leading a group of people from different tasks. As she practiced all these things, these grew skills relating to these thing in her. She got the skills of public communication, learned to handle any type of situation, got knowledge on effecting email communication, got skilled to convince people and became a leader who is being followed by other people.


Nafis and Samia applied to the same company for a job in the same position. There Samia got appointed and Nafis were not. I hope now you know the reason for what Nafis did not get appointed. Every company always thinks of their own. In the interview, Samia interacted very frank as she has been practicing public communication for long in the club activities. At the same thime, through her speech, her experience of leadership skills were presented very well. The employer found a ready-made or prepared employee for the company. But Nafis did very well in the subjective questions, but while it came about the skills, he could deal with it good. For this reason Samia went ahead of him.



From the above story, you may have a question in your mind that which one is more important then, skills or education? Actually both of them are important equally. If you think a job as a locked treasure, your education will be your guide to lead to the treasure and the skills you have will work as the key to open the treasure. So, you must be well educated, at the same time you have to be well-skilled too to get to the peak of success. There the club activities can help you to learn, practice and become master of those skills.




Writer information:


Nahid Hasan


Instructor of English


Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


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